We helped a leading manufacturer improve the in clinic effectiveness of the sales force through driver analysis

We made a visible and measurable impact to our client's business


There was an increase of 8% in the time spent with customers by the field staff


The problem

Sales achievement numbers were manually captured – implying inherent bias in the outcome Increase in the complexity due to Manager involvement – indicating need for performance assessment at 2-levels

Our approach


Used a combination of External and Internal primary sales data at HQ level as target variable Hierarchical Trees and Regression trees were used to look at HQ (headquarter) level numbers and identify the key attributes leading to increase in sales.

How did we enable consumption?

The model allowed to identify success factors of one region to be implemented to low selling regions increasing revenue.

A valuable difference

Our impact

The client is able to identify the limits for parameters responsible for the decrease in efficiency of the sales calls thereby managing the salesforce more effectively.

Managers were able to increase their time spent with customers by 14%.

3% increase in sales over a period of 6-months was realized.

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