We aim to be a lighthouse in
the domain of AI and ML solutions

Alchemists, Data Linguists, and Left-Brain thinkers - we are a consortium of passionate and experienced individuals banded to live and breathe our mission.

Discover why Ganit

  • Democratize AI and ML for world-class clients. Deliver impact that matters.
  • Explore New Opportunities outside your comfort zone. Fail Safe.
  • There are no glass ceilings. Interact with the best client partners from across the world right on your first day.
  • Experience Freedom and Responsibility in equal measure.
  • Discover how Peer Learning is scientifically orchestrated.
  • Not just see but shape the impact of solutions.
  • Punch above
    your weight.
  • Build
    a brand.

Current Opportunities

Sr Executive - Sales Location - Delhi

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Intern @ Ganit

We take in interns all year long

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Experience what it’s like to be part of Ganit team in the final academic year of your bachelor’s, master’s or MBA program.

Firsthand experience

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Our interns gain hands-on experience with clients, deliver real-world impact, and benefit from our inter-team skills development sessions and our in-house events.

8 weeks long internship

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Our internships are typically 8 weeks long and we select candidates from world-class institutions. Following the internship, the interns also get the opportunity to continue with us full time.

We take in interns all year long.