The word Ganit was the name of the subject given to conventional mathematics in ancient India. Math is the only true universal language - one that transcends time, cultures and space.

The value of one can never change, there can never be two interpretations of a fact. Math in our eyes is the ultimate common denominator

We maximize decision velocity &
minimize decision risk

In a fast-paced world, quick and better decision making is what gives you a competitive edge. While fast decision making is desirable for businesses, impulsive decision making is not. At Ganit, we rely on data-backed decisions because data removes biases and subjectivity. We let the numbers show us the way forward.

Consumption to
creation quotient

While enterprises and organizational leaders focus on creating more and more data, technology & platforms to generate value, we focus on solution consumption and not just creation. At Ganit, we use data science and analytics to ensure optimum consumption of solutions to deliver disproportionate value across functions.

We convert AI into
a handy tool

AI doesn’t have to be stuck in your Executive Playbook or your data strategy roadmap. We develop purpose-built AI & ML solutions that help make sense out of the data deluge. These solutions operate at scale and are impactful enablers in isolating the frequency from noise.

We impact topline &
bottom-line growth

With ever-increasing pool of data, it is important to translate data into your strategic resource. At Ganit, we partner with our clients to translate their data into a tangible, insightful plan of action that delivers on a measurable impact to our clients’ topline & bottom-line growth.

We improve efficiency
across business functions

Category lines continue to blur as companies continue to extend beyond their core capabilities and compete in different sectors. But data-driven analytics and AI can be drivers of efficency across industries and functions.

From sending crop-yield sustainability notifications to Farmers, to helping retailers and CPGs price products in a scientific manner, to forecasting demand for traditional and digital businesses, we develop scalable data engineering platforms and deploy purpose built AI & ML solutions to create disproportionate value for our clients.

Success stories

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