We helped a pharmaceutical leader reduce
their time for drug development by cutting
their initial research time

We made a visible and measurable impact to our client's business


Reduction in the time taken for initial research


The problem

Identification of relevant data from multiple sources was challenging. Complex external data extending across multiple sources need to be aggregated and the following questions needed to be addressed -

  • How many drugs used this compound?
  • What is the chemical structure?
  • Limitations and other usage

Our approach


We developed a solution for automated research over the web web to understand the performance of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) that make-up a drug.

With the help of this we helped business achieve the following outcomes:

  • Used text-based Key word mapping logic to account for minor variations in spelling while merging.
  • Used content-based filtering to show relevant results for the user.
  • Devised KPI like %Use and Substitutes to rank the search results.

How did we enable consumption?

The recommended solution was tested on one drug compound while also running the regular process to test and compare the time taken and accuracy of results.

A valuable difference

Our impact

A 65% reduction in time taken for initial research for aAPI addressing while also allowing the clients to identify the substitutes to the target compounds.

Success stories

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