Our solutions to
maximize decision-velocity
and minimize decision-risk
for business leaders

We partner with business leaders to give their data a voice. We do this by working with them to discover, frame and solve problems across four key quadrants: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive.



    What do I need to do?

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    What’s happening
    in my business?

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    What’s likely to
    happen in the future?

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    Why is it happening?

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Our journey begins by partnerning with leaders to identify questions pertinent to their business problems. We then capture the relevant data and hypotheses that are pivotal to the problem.

These descriptive exploratory exercises form the bedrock to letting the data speak. Combine them with focused decision boards, and you've magic that clearly articulates the What of the problem.



Often, business problems might have second and third order effects that might not be evident at the get go. However, data-backed insights can answer fundamental questions pertaining to organizational needs.

We combine business expertise and industry context to capture the crux of the problem in any organization.



You see numbers, we see patterns.

Our razor-sharp ability to capture what's happening and why something is happening also puts us in a unique poisition to guide organizations on what the next step needs to be. We do this by developing a combination of scenario planners, guided playbooks and simulation tools to assist leaders in understanding what the next best action could be.



We help organizations drive value by translating data into insights and insights into action.

We combine data, tech and experts to prescribe what steps to take to avoid a future problem or to appropriate the full potential for an emerging trend.

Our approach of translating data into insights

We believe AI can be more than just buzzwords on the executive’s playbook.
See how we partner with organizations to make AI real for them.

From raw data to intelligent information
At this stage, we gather, arrange, and annotate related information. We then evaluate the accuracy and reliability of collected data source, group items into logical categories, and assess the meaning and effectiveness of the data for further analysis.
Translating data into insights
At this stage, we solve the two major problems of data-driven decision making – Data deluge and Decision inaction – by isolating relevant data from the clutter and helping organization in minimizing decision-risk.
Translating insights into actions
You see numbers, we see patterns. We bring together a number of data mining methodologies, forecasting methods, predictive models and analytical techniques to analyze current data, assess risk and opportunities, and capture relationships to find tendencies and predict future trends.
Using data to create new data
We minimize decision-risk by providing simulated outcomes which reduces their effective time to action. We work with leaders to develop data-driven scenario planners and guided playbooks to assess "What if" and "What next".