What is Augury?

Augury is a flexible demand forecasting platform which helps different businesses prepare and respond to future customer demand.

Product features

  • Helps understand relationships between forecast and predictor variables
  • Ability to forecast demand at an hourly, daily, monthly and quarterly level
  • Usage of orthogonal data to power decision making
  • Handles short time-series with very low number of historical data points
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UI

What is Beeline?

Beeline is a route optimization platform where businesses can plan, track, analyze and optimize their delivery routes. It is a cloud-based application to schedule, route and automate your logistics for the last mile delivery.

Product features

  • MarketPlan for number of trucks needed can be generated on a daily basis
  • Has flexibility to incorporate company specific constraints on order priority, truck volume and weight, route characteristics, delivery bounds
  • Minimizes total cost, distance traveled and number of trucks needed Easy to print dispatch and delivery reports
  • Dashboards to analyze previous routes and deliveries

What is Lift?

Lift is an end-to-end promo effectiveness platform where promotions can be designed, simulated, analyzed and scheduled to achieve the necessary objectives.

Lift can seamlessly integrate across all environments and streamline the promotion creation and approval with role management – The result? Real-time decision making backed by data and insights.

Product features

  • Past promos can be scientifically analyzed with all effects:
    Incremental due to promo, Halo effect, Cannibalization, Pull-forward
  • Simulate future promos and design marketing calendar at least two seasons earlier
  • Measure effectiveness by channel, promo type, geography, customer segments

What is Slant?

Slant is a sentiment analysis platform where the voice of customer can be heard, analyzed and tracked through social media and other channels.

We used VoC (Voice of Customer) tool for a QSR (quick service restaurant) client to help them understand and respond to customer sentiment daily across various channels.

Product features

  • Meaningfully understand consumer sentiment on various social media sites and web forums
  • Ability to combine data from multiple data sources i.e. web and non-web data sources
  • Use sentiment as input for targeted marketing activities
  • Simple and easy-to-use front end

What is NSO?

NSO (New Store Opening) is a GIS driven analytics platform that allows a retail chain to scientifically identify the best possible locations for opening a new store.

Product features

  • Reduced average cycle time from property identification to ribbon cutting from 100-120 days to 15 days
  • A web tool to identify white spaces within an area, where new stores can be opened basis estimated success potential
  • Better prediction of risk factors like competitor stores, through accurate mapping of demographic KPIs