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Ganit partnered with sapphire one of the biggest food chains in India to deploy a data-driven system to introduce value-based offerings

We made a visible and measurable impact to Sapphire business


Increase in revenue


Piloted Recommendations across 35 multi-format stores


Increase in customer footfall



Combos are a great way to boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities for restaurants. While combos might seem like an easy route to cash in on increasing consumer wallet sizes, the lack of balanced and systematically identified combos could drive customers across the aisle.


One of the biggest challenges facing restaurants is how to increase revenue and customer footfall. One way to do this is to introduce value-based offerings, such as combos. However, identifying the right set of combos can be a challenge, especially for large chains with multiple outlets.


Sapphire needed to modernize their legacy platform to improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency.Ganit implemented an AWS-based solution that met all of Sapphire Foods' requirements. The solution included Amazon S3 for storing data, AWS Glue for ETL processing, Amazon Redshift for data warehousing, and Amazon QuickSight for data visualization. The solution was designed to be scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use.

Our approach


We worked closely with the store managers to map out customer preferences and buying patterns. Our advanced Machine learning algorithms helped identify combos that could drive value for the customer, and at the same time ensure profitability for the brand. Customised metrics were designed to zero in on these combos line-ups. We designed the right offering which also accounted for the channel of operation, number of items to be bundled and number of pax. per ticket.

Our recommendations were incorporated across all 30+ stores in India.


Ganit partnered with Sapphire Foods to create an automated data warehousing solution using AWS services such as S3, Glue, Lambda, Quick Sight, CloudFront, Auto Scaling, and Redshift. The solution helped Sapphire eliminate manually generated MIS reports and design automated, interactive decision boards that reduced the time to truth and improved actionability. The architecture used by Sapphire includes various AWS services for data ingestion, data consumption, data visualization, scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, and security.

A valuable difference


Our ML algorithms delivered a 22% increase in revenue through direct cross-sell gains, thus increasing average ticket size. Test stores also saw an increase in customer footfall by 5%. .

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