Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Framework, a brainchild of AWS, empowers cloud architects to craft and enhance infrastructure for their applications, ensuring they're secure, performant, resilient, and cost-effective.


Elevate and streamline your cloud infrastructure through an AWS Well-Architected Review

Go beyond "lift-and-shift" - it's crucial to ensure your workloads are truly optimized for the cloud. That's where a thorough Well-Architected Review steps in, ensuring you reap the full benefits of cloud integration.

Boost your digital innovation speed, reduce capital costs, leverage top-tier infrastructure trusted by major organizations, and reach a global scale rapidly.


The 6 Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

Closely aligned with the AWS Well Architected Framework, the Innovative Well-Architected Review evaluates your cloud solution against six key areas:


Operational Excellence

How best to boost your business outcomes and customer value? We evaluate your processes against established design principles and best practices, identify gaps, and propose strategies to monitor and continuously enhance operations.



We reinforce your security strategy to counter advancing threats, utilizing AI-driven insights, automation, and regular risk evaluations. Our comprehensive approach secures your enterprise - safeguarding your people, processes, and data at all stages.


Cost Optimization

In assessing the value of your cloud strategy, business objectives should guide cost considerations. Whether prioritizing speed to market or cost optimization depends on your needs. We can help avoid inefficiencies from over-provisioning and align spending with prioritized business outcomes.


Performance Efficiency

AWS Cloud offers various tools and services for enhancing performance efficiency. Features like auto-scaling, elastic load balancing, and serverless computing enable dynamic resource allocation. Additionally, services like Amazon CloudFront provide low-latency content delivery, ensuring optimal user experiences. AWS empowers organizations to achieve high-performance and cost-effective cloud solutions.



AWS Cloud ensures high reliability by offering robust infrastructure and services. With built-in redundancy, automated backups, and disaster recovery options, AWS minimizes the risk of service disruptions. Features like Amazon S3 durability and multi-region architecture help ensure data availability. AWS enables organizations to build highly reliable and resilient cloud solutions.



TAWS Cloud is committed to sustainability by optimizing energy usage and reducing carbon footprint. AWS invests in renewable energy projects, achieving 100% renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure. By leveraging the cloud, businesses can reduce their own environmental impact, benefiting from AWS's sustainable practices and contributing to a greener future.

How does an AWS Well-Architected Review work

Before the Well-Architected Review can start, a statement of work will need to be electronically signed three days prior to the initial review. If this is not completed, your review will be cancelled automatically, and you will need to reschedule. The cost of your Well-Architected Review will be $5,000 USD, which covers all phases of the engagement ranging from initial review, tool evaluation, findings/remediation, and AWS funding assistance. A payment of $2,500 USD will be collected at the start of the engagement and $2,500 USD will be collected upon completion and review of the remediations (45% of Critical Items). As part of the project close out, we will also help you get access to AWS funds to assist with the remaining remediations. This funding is issued in the form of a $5,000 USD AWS credit code that can be applied towards your AWS account, pending completion of a customer satisfaction survey for the project.

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