Amazon AWS

Drive your success with AWS

We are proud to be partnering with AWS to deliver Data Analytics & Machine Learning solutions for our clients. As a AWS Select Partner for Machine Learning & Data Analytics competencies, we help clients accelerate the journey to success.

AWS provides a robust, best-in-class and scalable cloud-based platform and services enabling organization-wide consumption of Data Analytics and Machine Learning solutions.

Our AWS capabilities

Amazon Athena

Query data in S3 using SQL

Amazon Redshift

Fast, simple, cost-effective data warehousing

Amazon QuickSight

Fast business analytics service


Virtual servers in the cloud

Amazon Pinpoint

Personalized user engagement across channels

Amazon SageMaker

Build, train and deploy machine learning models

Amazon Forecast

Increase forecast accuracy using machine learning

Amazon Rekognition

Analyze image and video

Amazon Textract

Extract text and data from documents

Amazon Personalize

Build real-time recommendations into your applications

Amazon Translate

Natural and fluent language translation

Amazon API Gateway

Build, deploy and manage APIs

AWS Lambda

code without thinking about servers

Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)

Scalable storage in the cloud

With the partnership with AWS, we bring in varying skillsets that complement each other

As AWS Select Partner for Machine learning & Data analytics competencies, we are focused to acceleate your success from your cloud hosted data

Our deeper understanding about the industry help us to custom build applications that derive maximum benefits of AWS architecture and libraries

Our experienced resource pool of consultants and ML architects will design, develop and maintain enterprise wide-solutions AI & ML solutions

Our strong experience in handling data from disparate sources, variety of data like Text, Images, Speech have created huge topline and bottomline impact to our client